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Eoin Macken just asked out Tom Hopper’s little sister on Twitter.




In a fight between a pigeon and a squirrel, which one would win?

Rupert: I would go with squirrel.

Tom: Well, just for argument’s sake, I’m going to go with pigeon.

Can we have insight into your answers?

Tom: Well, I think a pigeon would win because it can fly, yeah, and it can peck. And a squirrel, I just think is…

Rupert: A squirrel is like, it’s nimble. He can scratch. He’s got nuts, he can throw them.

Tom: He can’t throw them because he doesn’t - he lacks opposable thumbs.

Rupert: But he can do that. And then the pigeon would come and have some nuts. And then the pigeon would try to eat the nuts, and then he’d be able to jump up a tree.

Tom: The pigeon is - flap flap flap - I think the pigeon is more agile.

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I find this way too adorable.

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